Welcome to MHJA


The Mountaineer Hunter Jumper Association was founded in 1998 to promote riders in the tri-state area (Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio) that show on the local level.  Our mission is to instill a foundation for riders to help further their knowledge and involvement in the horse community and promote a healthy approach to competition.

MHJA Horse Show Prize List

The MHJA Endless Summer Horse Show prize list is now available!!

Go to MHJA Horse Show.

Show Bill Sign Up

If you're not a member of MHJA and would like to receive an electronic show bill for this year's show on August 8 - 10, 2014.  Click here to sign up.


If you would rather receive a hard copy in the mail, go to the contact page, fill out the contact form and include in the message area your name and address along with "Request a show bill in the mail".

Class Proceeds to Benefit a Charity

Again, this year MHJA will be donating the proceeds from a class at our 11th annual Endless Summer Horse Show to a non-profit horse-related charity.  For more information on submitting a donation request, go to Charity Donation.


All donation requests are due by May 1, 2014.

This and That

Some exciting new things are happening with our organization again this year. As promised, we're working to make MHJA bigger and better than ever!


  • Check out the calendar page for upcoming events and sanctioned horse shows.

  • MHJA has been accepted in the SHOW Program.  By collecting proof of purchase seals from Southern States, Legends and Triple Crown feeds, equestrians can help the organization receive 25 cents for each POP or $10 for each ton.  More information can be found on the Announcements/Newsletters Page.



  • Junior members in grades 10-12 are eligible to compete for our annual scholarship to help with post-secondary costs.


  • MHJA offers a Trainer Assistance Program for its professional members. The purpose of this program is to help local trainers who encounter a hardship in which they are unable to operate their business at regular capacity. Examples of hardships would include serious injury/illness or extensive property damage. Applicants would be eligible for a grant of $1,000. This would be a donation on behalf of the MHJA to the applying trainer and their business as a way of helping them get through their time of need.