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Happy Holidays!!

We hope this letter finds everyone navigating the Covid -19 pandemic by social distancing on the back of your horse gearing up for the upcoming show season!




The MHJA board is very excited that we are reopening the organization for the 2021 show season. 



We are currently accepting new memberships and sanctioning of shows.



Please read the information below:



2020 members


For our members who had paid their memberships for 2020, prior to our shut down, please reach out to Abby Foltz – :abbey.foltz@aol.com about rolling your membership to 2021.  You will need to submit a new nomination form for this year, and this will have to be done manually so you will not be charged for the 2021 membership.



New members


New members may join online at https://www.mhja.us/ or you may join at any of the shows that are sanctioned by the MHJA.





This year we have added Becki Bloom as horse show liaison for sanctioning.  You can reach out to her @ bloombecki@gmail.com about rolling your sanctioning from 2020 into this year or to acquire new sanctioning for 2021.



MHJA Endless Summer Show


With this year being a rolling forward date year for the USEF we have had to change the dates for our show.  The MHJA show will be at the WPQHA Show Grounds in Harlansburg on July 30- Aug 2, 2021.  We will be running a 3-day show including Jumpers on Friday and our derby on Saturday evening. 



New Year End Divisions


We have also added 2 new 18’ divisions for high score awards.  See specs below:


Extremely Green Rider (fence height 18”) This division is open to Riders who have never jumped in classes exceeding 2’3”. No more than SIX entries to canter at one time. Breaking to trot and slight mistakes will not be heavily penalized. Competitors in this division may cross enter into any other 2’ division they qualify for or Walk/Trot/Canter Rider, but not both. Riders may nominate for this division for 2 years.


Extremely Green Hunter (fence height 18”) This division is open to horses/ponies of any age who have never jumped in classes exceeding 2’3”. No more than SIX entries to canter at one time. Entries in this division may cross enter into any other division not to exceed 2’3” that they are otherwise eligible for. Breaking to trot and slight mistakes will not be heavily penalized. Horses/ponies may nominate for this division for 2 years.



We look forward to seeing everyone this coming show season. 





MHJA Board





The Mountaineer Hunter Jumper Association was founded in 1998 to promote riders in the tri-state area (Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio) that show on the local level.  Our mission is to instill a foundation for riders to help further their knowledge and involvement in the horse community and promote a healthy approach to competition.


New, updated

Horse Show Rule Book for 2021 will be out soon

and it will be found on the Rules page.

The 2021 show calendar will be posted soon!

Watch for it!

This and That

Some exciting new things are happening with our organization again this year. As promised, we're working to make MHJA bigger and better than ever!


  • Don't forget to check the announcements page for MHJA news and the MHJA Horse Show page and Horse Show sponsors page.


  • Check out the calendar page for upcoming events and sanctioned horse shows.

  • MHJA has been accepted in the SHOW Program.  By collecting proof of purchase seals from Southern States, Legends and Triple Crown feeds, equestrians can help the organization receive 25 cents for each POP or $10 for each ton.  More information can be found on the Announcements/Newsletters Page.


  • Junior members in grades 10-12 are eligible to compete for our annual scholarship to help with post-secondary costs.


  • MHJA offers a Trainer Assistance Program for its professional members. The purpose of this program is to help local trainers who encounter a hardship in which they are unable to operate their business at regular capacity. Examples of hardships would include serious injury/illness or extensive property damage. Applicants would be eligible for a grant of $1,000. This would be a donation on behalf of the MHJA to the applying trainer and their business as a way of helping them get through their time of need.

The Mountaineer Hunter Jumper Association is a Federal 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, Federal ID number: 55-0767413. Contributions made to the MHJA are tax deductible per the current tax laws.  Contact us regarding any inquiries and for a receipt for your donation(s). Thank you for supporting the MHJA!