MHJA Participates in the SHOW Program

MHJA has been accepted into the Special Horse Organization Winner’s Program. The program is to help organizations support equestrian activities and events that specifically benefit the horse industry. We can now receive cash rewards for proof of purchase seals from bags of Southern States, Legends and Triple Crown horse feeds and bulk bin deliveries of these feeds.


Start savings all your proof of purchase seals from any of these brands and give them to any of the officers. If you receive bulk shipments of these horse feeds, send us your original invoices (sorry, they want original invoices). POPs and invoices can be sent to Abigail Foltz, 1 Sparks Lane, Grove City, PA  16127.

We will receive $0.25 for each POP and $10 for each ton bulk shipment. This is a great and easy way to help us grow our organization. Start saving those proofs now!