Karen Davis Memorial Trophy


Karen Davis Memorial Trophy

Top Adult Rider



The inaugural Karen Davis Memorial TOP ADULT RIDER trophy will be given at the 2021 MHJA Endless Summer Horse Show.   A founding MHJA board member from its inception, Karen was an integral part of the organization for more than 15 years.  She was extremely generous with her time and knowledge, always continuing to make “the next year” better.  She loved the sport, though only ever riding once when she made her niece, Christy Harris, sit on the side to watch the “mom” lesson.  She attended every lesson, every schooling, every clinic and every show until Christy graduated, high school. Nevertheless, she was always present at important events as Christy continued her amateur equestrian dreams.   Her loss is immeasurable to her family and to the MHJA community.  May her spirit live on in remembrance every year with this trophy.



The Trophy will be awarded to the top Adult Rider accumulating points from the following divisions:  Long Stirrup, Beginner Rider, Low Adult, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, MHJA Adult, Adult Amateur, Puddle Jumper, Beginner Jumper, Hopeful Jumper, Training Jumper, and Schooling Jumper.


Congratulations to the 2021 Karen Davis Memorial Trophy for the Top Adult Rider

Christy Lyons